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Personnel recruitment
Talent concept: we respected integrity, truth-seeking, innovation, dedication to work idea, advocate teamwork, service first, the pursuit of excellence in work style. We "can" - oriented, respect for different professions, respect for different personality, the maximum for employees to provide self realization of the value of space. We have the greatest wealth is we can develop ideas in thinking, can create benefits for the company in the behavior, have noble thought quality and good corporate style talent.

Kelixin company welcome a person with breadth of vision to join our team, together with us for mankind to create a green tomorrow.

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The lab technician

Job requirements:

1 chemical analysis or industrial analysis specialty, college degree or above, three years relevant working experience or above position, familiar with the techniques of chemical analysis and instrumental analysisprinciple, method.

2 strong communication and coordination ability, good professional ethics, strong execution.

Working content:

1, according to the relevant provisions of the system and, on the company's incoming materials andfinished products such as project requirements for sampling tests and work out test results, to ensure that the test data in time and report to related department.

2, the safe operation of laboratory equipment and instrument, do a good job of waste gas and waste liquidtreatment according to the relevant provisions, to prevent environmental pollution.

3, after testing to timely cleaning utensils, keep the lab clean and do a safety inspection.

4 test data and report regularly on products, put forward the opinion on the treatment of nonconforming products.

5, do a good job of laboratory equipment and instrument maintenance and maintenance, regularcalibration, properly keep all kinds of laboratory reagent.

6, complete the temporary work assigned by the leader.




R & D staff

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above (Chemical Engineering), one year or above related working experience innonferrous metal industry;

2, with strong communication and coordination ability, good occupation morality, can hard-working,obedient arrangement.

Working content:

1, the company responsible for the implementation of product development plan, develop new product development work plan according to new product plans;

2, responsible for the preparation of new product related technology, process documents and inspection standard;

3, responsible for the collection of domestic and foreign technical material, attention to relevant product trends, to provide technical reference;

4, in charge of technology training, technical guidance on production line;

5, is responsible for updating of existing products, adopt new technology, new technology, new materials toimprove the quality of products;

6, finish other work assigned.

Quality Manager

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, 2 years work experience in chemical class;

2, with strong communication and coordination ability, strong sense of principle.

Working content:

1, participation, supervision and maintenance of quality system operation, organization and management ofthe internal quality audit work;

2, according to the production schedule for the daily product inspection, shipment inspection tasks;

3, according to the corresponding process to treat the inspection of products (Cheng Pin) for inspection,test and inspection process in accordance with the pre inspection specification carefully verify the product code, name, decision quality, complete inspection records;

4, to correct handling of non-conforming inspection products, tracking;

5, "the corrective and preventive action report" timely issued, and tracking the event processing result,measures to improve the effectiveness of;

6, timely report to the batch quality problems, timely pass fail information;

7, the returned product, customer return inspection and inventory of products, and preliminary treatmentcause analysis;

8, regularly collect, archive all inspection records and related database, and the quality of the summary,analysis of last month;

9, assist supervisor to complete the temporary work




Mechanical technician

Job requirements:

1 welding certificate or fitter certificate, special certificate;

2 healthy, can hard-working, self-motivated, obey the management and arrangement;

3 years working experience, familiar with metallurgical chemical mechanical equipment maintenance industry is preferred.

Working content:

1, responsible for all production equipment repair and maintenance.

2, the shift period of production equipment patrol inspection work, found that the abnormal situation in a timely manner to the leaders in charge of reporting, to ensure the normal operation of equipment duringproduction.

3, properly use and safekeeping of the post using tools and auxiliary equipment.

4, according to the provisions of timely by the positions of the quality record, accumulate experience in equipment maintenance, improve equipment fault prediction and maintenance level.

5, leading to complete other work assigned by the temporary.




The ISO specialist

Job requirements:

1, environmental engineering, be familiar with the requirements of the ISO9001, 14001 quality management system, with ISO internal auditor certificate, 3 years or above related working experience;

2, master ISO9001, 14001 quality management system knowledge, familiar with the basic principle of circuit,familiar with basic computer application;

3, skilled use of office automation software;

4, the work of a conscientious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, with strong analytical and problem solving skills; good communication, organization, coordination ability; good teamwork spirit.

Working content:

In 1, the company responsible for the entire ISO system establishment, implementation, operation andsupervision;

2, to the revision and publication compiled and related documents;

In 3, the company responsible for the ISO9001, ISO14001 quality manual and program file maintenance work (including the production of related forms and the actual needs of the document);

4, in charge of report to the superior management system performance and the need to improve the proposal;

5, responsible for auditing the company internal quality system, quality management system operation and supervision of the daily maintenance, strict control of each department and the issuance of documents and records, archiving;

6, finish the other work assigned by the superior.

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