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Since its inception, Zhuhai Kelixin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. has been sticking to the belief that “Innovation is the soul of the enterprise”. For years, the company constantly increases investment in research and development, constantly perfects R & D equipment and facilities and quickly puts the R & D achievements into production, so that it has formed a whole set of unique product technology of cobalt metal intermediate products, which not only meets related technical requirements of the market but also makes the company take the lead in the industry in terms of technical level.

1.R & D Investment

With great importance attached to technical development of the company, leadership of the company constantly increases investment in technical research and development. The company has successively built a professional inspection analysis room and a professional R & D laboratory and timely upgrades equipment and facilities inside the laboratory to ensure that the hardware can meet production requirements. Besides, under the principle of “External Introduction, Internal Promotion”, the company continuously improves technical quality of R & D staff and has formed positive atmosphere of “mutual learning, benign competition” in the R & D team.

2.R & D Strength

Nowadays the company has built a unique technical R & D system in the industry, a R & D team consisting of many professional technicians in cobalt-nickel-copper industry and a technical committee formed by many experts in the industry and a technical R & D center. Now the R & D center has 14 R & D personnel, including 3 persons with senior title, 5 persons with intermediate title and 6 persons with primary tile. The team mainly consists of knowledge type young and middle-aged people who have solid basic theoretical knowledge, high technology, strong innovation ability and rich practice experience.

The company now has a batch of advanced experiment detecting instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometers, laser granulometers, specific surface testers and X-RAY diffractometers and continuously upgrades and adds new equipment according to market trend. At the same time, the company constructs the R & D center according to standard chemical laboratory, in an effort to take the lead in the industry in terms of R & D strength.


3.R & D Achievements

In recent years, the R & D center has made research on new technology, recovery of cobalt nickel waste, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., obtaining fruitful achievements. It has successfully and successively developed forward-looking, advanced and innovative new technologies such as new high-quality sphere and high-specific-gravity cobaltosic oxide technology, new cobaltosic oxide precursor synthesizing technology, new full-extraction impurity separation technology, waste water and water gas treatment technology and comprehensive recycle technology of smelting by-products.

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