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The company attaches great importance to product and service quality. Since its inception, it has gradually carried out related management system and has successively obtained certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, certification of ISO14001 Environmental Management System and certification of Cleaner Production.

Under the policy of “Quality First, Customer Uppermost, Human Orientation, Technical Innovation”, the company continuously optimizes its quality management. Now the company has an enterprise management department which is responsible for building, monitoring and perfecting comprehensive management system inside the company, a quality control department which is responsible for quality inspection and quality control in the whole production process and implementation of the quality assessment mechanism of the supplier, and a technical department which ensures production stability and product consistency and is able to continuously improve production process of products according to market demand.


1.Supplier Management

Implement the supplier management mechanism and define the benchmarks for selecting and evaluating suppliers. Conduct onsite audit on significant suppliers at least once a year regarding items including but not limited to suppliers’ production process, production technology, testing methods, personnel structure, log files and other quality-related matters, so as to strictly control the supply quality of suppliers.

As for the situation where there are at least two suppliers for the same product, our company will conduct level-to-level administration towards suppliers. We will make comprehensive consideration regarding suppliers’ supply capacity, credibility, financial status, capacity of handling quality accidents, etc., and will divide suppliers into different levels based on our evaluation results.


2.Equipment Management

After years of accumulation and development, our company has formed a set of unique patented production technology and owns automated production equipment and facilities. In the development process, our company has gradually formed and improved the equipment operation management system and requires equipment management personnel to conduct regular routing inspection on equipment and maintain equipment regularly on schedule. Moreover, our company holds strict pre-service and in-service training for equipment operators to ensure that the equipment and facilities are in a stable and normal production state in production process.

In order to meet customers’ increasing demands on quality and to fulfill our social environmental responsibility, our company conducts full demonstration and increasingly increases and improves equipment and facilities. In addition, our company requires equipment manufacturers to conduct repeated testing on equipment and provide strict training for operators, so as to ensure that the operation of equipment is in line with the initial set goals.



3.Production Process Management

To ensure production quality, our company conducts strict control over the entire production process and requires the production department to follow the 7S management system and carry out production in strict accordance with the process of the company, the production process instructions and production task form, so as to ensure that all semi-finished products of every link reach the requirement of the following link.

In the production process, quality control department and technology department monitors the compliance of the production process in appropriate frequency to ensure that the process is controllable; the departments also require production personnel to document key control indicators to ensure that the record of production is traceable; in addition, the departments conduct all-weather spot check on technology indicators of process products to enhance the pass rate and consistency of final products.



4.Warehouse Management

With a thorough warehouse management system, our company fundamentally eliminates the error in the process of getting in and out of goods and enhances the management efficiency of warehouse by following the basic norms of “daily closing, FIFO (first in first out), identification for distinction and warrant for getting in and out”.

In the aspect of in-out warehouse, the warehouse strictly handles the procedures for handover of materials to ensure the transfer and acceptance of materials entering warehouse and rejection of disqualified raw and supplement materials, so as to ensure qualified acceptance of materials entering warehouse. In the aspect of material storage, the warehouse is planned and set up based on the attributes, characteristics and usage of materials and is divided into different zones according to the condition of the warehouse. In addition, the stored materials are put into the company’s own identification system based on their usage, specifications and production lots; materials are checked randomly regarding their quality guarantee period, packaging and other items on a regular basis to ensure that the stored materials are compliant and qualified. In the aspect of inventory control, warehouse keepers make an inventory of materials and settle accounts regularly and ensure the safe stock of every material according to the comprehensive views of the production department and sales department, so as to make sure that the store materials can meet the needs of production and sales.




5.Customer Management

Our company believes that quality management is not only about products, but also involves customer relationship. It is our marketing criterion to maintain good cooperation relationship and keep smooth and clear communication with our customers.

In the process of pre-sales, we will fully understand the technology needs of customers for products and maintain a full communication with our technical department, quality control department and production department regarding customer needs, and then offer feedback regarding our communication result to customers in time. In the process of sales, we will determine the delivery, quality indicators and other related matters with customers and put all these items in the contract. In the process of after-sales, we will track the status of goods acceptance with customers in time. If customers consider any products to be disqualified, we will communicate with customers in time and determine a plan to handle the situation quickly. We will also follow the service condition of our products appropriately and sort out customer comments or suggestions to offer feedback to our relevant functional departments in good time. In addition, we will conduct appropriately frequent customer satisfaction investigation to establish good customer relationships.



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